Security consulting

Every organization has security concerns. SIR Group Security Services (SIR GSS) Security Consulting Services can help you make sense of it all. Contact SIR GSS today to start addressing today's security challenges. SIR GSS Security consultants analyze the client’s security needs and propose solutions that are relevant, effective and practical.

The security consulting process begins with a clear comprehension of the client’s security requirements grounded in an updated Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (RTVA). Based on the RTVA, security consultants then recommend risk-mitigating solutions in accordance with the client’s goals, culture and budget. AS Solution may or may not be involved in the implementation of the recommended solutions.

Organizations use our security consulting services in order to create a solid foundation for establishing or improving security policies, practices and procedures. Our consulting services also provide objective, third-party evaluations of current security operations.

The SIR GSS Solution approach to security consulting

Close partnership with the client and the RTVA form the basis of all of our consulting work. The RTVA identifies probable and critical threats as well as vulnerabilities that may enable these threats to actualize. The combination of threats and vulnerabilities equals the risk. Once risks are defined, we propose solutions to strengthen the identified weaknesses in order to negate threats and reduce risk. Working closely with our clients, our analyses and solutions revolve around the four foundational pillars of security: physical means, technological means, manpower and procedures (preventative and emergency). We recommend security solutions that are relevant, effective and practical – and are also aligned with the client’s culture and budget.

Security consulting services

Although the scope of our assignments varies widely, and new projects are always welcome, most consulting projects fall into one or more of the following categories:

    - Risk Threat and Vulnerability Assessments as stand-alone consulting projects, as the basis for other AS Solution services, and for third parties.
    - Security Master Plans that build on RTVAs to enable organizations to strengthen vulnerabilities and provide detailed operational guidelines for coordinated physical, technological, manpower and procedural security measures.
    - Operational Audits that assess the efficacy of existing or new security measures through analysis, “red teaming” from an adversarial perspective, and other methods as agreed with the client.
    - Contingency and Crisis Management Planning that prepare organizations in remote locations to deal with predictable – and unpredictable – security situations such as political unrest, natural disasters and other emergencies in a way that minimizes risk and maximizes employee safety and peace of mind.

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