Executive protection services

Our protection specialists have endured top-level training in specialized security measures, protective driving, emergency medicine, and crisis management planning. They possess extensive domestic and international travel experience and have relevant military, law enforcement, and/or government security backgrounds.

A core group of proven professionals are available for travel, supplemented by local personnel. Providing this type of service benefits the client in several ways. By having familiar faces around, the standard of service remains constant. Local personnel are familiar with the environment and are quicker to recognize anything out of the ordinary, have local contacts and resources, and may have local permits for special security equipment. Additionally, costs can be reduced by less travel and lodging expenses.

Advance Survey

SIR GSS recommends an advance risk survey be conducted prior to the arrival of any client to identify areas of concern; then we determine and deliver solutions. By conducting proper surveys, risks can be identified and mitigated and time management strategies can be implemented.

Route Survey: Determine the safest and most time-efficient route to and from any venues to be visited. Also included are the nearest medical facilities, safe havens, and possible areas of interest.

Physical Security: Visually inspect all venues where personnel will be visiting to ensure safe and timely access to the facility, a safe and comfortable time at the venue, and a safe and timely departure.

Secure Ground Transportation

Secure ground transportation is a critical part of a secure travel program and should not be overlooked, especially while away from the home office. SIR GSS has security drivers who are properly trained to provide a low-profile service of getting their passengers to all venues in a safe and timely manner. Automobile accidents are the leading cause of death and serious bodily injury throughout the world.

A properly selected driver has several benefits:
    - Understand how to drive safely and avoid accidents
    - Reduce liability with proper security and defensive driving training
    - Make you a harder target for attack (car-jacking, kidnapping, or robbery)
    - Cost equal to or less than a limousine company and maintain confidentiality
    - Lower profile vehicle and driver

SIR GSS also offers armored vehicles for corporations and at-risk individuals.

SIR GSS has been providing domestic ground transportation for over 10 years. SIR GSS’s experience allows our clients an affordable, efficient way to travel. SIR GSS’s 24/7 operations and call center allows us to provide our clients safe, dependable, and courteous service.

SIR GSS provides customized transportation, daily, weekly as well as scheduled airport transfers. We monitor all arrival flights, meet and greet at gate are available upon request in most locations, and will provide extra personnel to meet and coordinate large group arrivals for business conferences. SIR GSS’s attention to detail and our ability to assist you with unparalleled professionalism is what makes SIR GSS stand out from the competition. Executive protection services mitigate the elevated and ever-changing personal risk of individuals due to their prominence, wealth, occupation, reputation, travel destinations or other factors.

Board-mandated: In addition to providing peace of mind for prominent individuals and their families, boards often mandate corporate executive protection services and programs for CEOs and other principals in order to exercise duty of care and to safeguard shareholder interests. SIR GSS provides executive protection services and programs that include close protection, secure travel logistics and related security services to ensure the wellbeing of the principal wherever and whenever necessary.

Corporate executive protection program consulting, development, implementation and staffing

We help corporations set up customized protection programs, then provide executive protection managers and agents as needed. We provide both turn-key, outsourced services and embedded programs that provide management expertise and manpower within the client organization.

Close protection

Our expert agents protect the principal 24/7/365 or as necessary at work, at home and while traveling. Executive close protection programs include the option of covert protection and protective surveillance to minimize intrusiveness and deter incidents as far from the principal as possible.

Secure travel logistics

Count on us for trained and vetted security drivers and secure vehicles, route planning, traveler tracking and related services so principals can work and travel efficiently and safely wherever they need to go.

Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (RTVAs)

We recommend that an RTVA, which provides an objective evaluation of current security challenges, forms the foundation of all risk-mitigation measures. RTVA’s are the foundation of the overall security master plan, designed to negate identified critical threats.

Residential security

Protection of the principal and family at their primary and other residences is often an integrated part of our executive protection programs. We provide customized combinations of manpower and technology supported by procedures that are designed around the individual family’s lifestyle and preferences.

Intelligence analysis

Our expert analysts, either embedded into the client organization or located offsite, monitor and interpret a wide spectrum of risks, threats and other information that can affect the organization and its principals.

Operations center services

SIR GSS provides logistical and incident response support by monitoring, consolidating and reacting to intelligence, traveler-tracking information, alarms and other predefined criteria.


We safely remove people from high-risk situations on short notice. This can be due to political unrest, natural disasters or other threats.

Executive protection training and professional development

The SIR GSS provides training for our own staff, employees of our corporate clients. Generally, our classes are not open to the public.


    - Corporations
    - High net worth individuals and family offices
    - Philanthropies, non-profit organizations and NGOs
    - Celebrities

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