A specially trained security officer performs services tailored to the needs of medium-sized and large businesses, since the services require customer knowledge and a close relationship.

To meet the global growth expectations of our clients, SIR Group Security Services LLC offers security solutions that fit the specific needs of international organizations


A specially trained security officer protects an individual exposed to threat.If a person is threatened or there is more permanent risk exposure, we can offer personal protection through our specially trained security officers. These officers maintain a low profile and a high level of discretion and ensure that the individuals in question can continue their day-to-day lives with as few restrictions as possible. This work is always carried out in close cooperation with law enforcement and other authorities.


While our safety services include the primary categories of fire prevention and medical aid, our security officers perform a variety of additional safety services in addition to guarding:

Evacuation assistance

Workplace safety

Safety consulting

Firefighting training

Safety compliance audits

Emergency planning

Crisis management

Evacuation exercises


An alarm response officer is called out in response to various types of emergencies at the location.

This usually involves checking the exterior and interior of the customer’s building or facility.

The officer is in constant contact with the alarm monitoring center and can if necessary alert the police or fire department. If required, the officer will contact on-call personnel, such as a plumber in the case of a water leak. Other call-out services might be of a medical nature. If a person is injured at work a security officer can provide basic first aid until an ambulance or medical assistance arrives or can assist with transportation.


A security officer performs guarding services for multiple customers during one shift.Our mobile services are a cost-effective option for small and medium-sized businesses, where one security officer serves multiple customers within a limited geographical area and carries out beat patrol, call-out services and opens and closes business premises. Beat patrol can be internal or external or a combination of both, and consists of multiple tasks in addition to crime prevention such as shutting down energy-consuming equipment at night, checking equipment and machinery, access control etc.


Cargo escort is an important service offered by SIRGSS to its client base that was introduced in response to increasing demand.

Cargo escort services comprise the following:

Safe and secure goods transportation and protection in case of attempted attack or invasion;

Protection of drivers and representatives of the client accompanying the goods;

Reliable and specialized communication tools to keep the security officers in constant contact with the Company’s dispatch centre and our operational control centre.


A security officer performs a combination of services including access control/reception and customer service.

Most companies have some form of reception area through which both employees and visitors pass daily. We offer a combined service where a receptionist/concierge greets visitors in a service-minded and friendly manner while maintaining high standards of confidentiality and security. In many cases this can be combined with switchboard operator services, where the officer, for example, operates the switchboard at night.


We offer general and basic security consulting services. It is often necessary before buying security services to assess risks and make an inventory. These are also services we can provide. Security consulting is a service that includes such things as risk analysis and security planning.